Westlake Skin Spa

Advanced & Integrative Bio-Medical Skin Care 
i.Bar Beauty, Home of Westlake Skin Spa, is conveniently located in the heart of Westlake Village and offers the most cutting-edge skin care solutions available in Southern California!

• Hard-to-Treat Acne  • Rosacea • Scars
• Hyperpigmentation/Photodamage
• Stretch Marks  • Skin Laxity • Anti-aging 

At Westlake Skin Spa, we combine timeless esthetic practices with the latest and greatest in bio-medical skincare technology to provide you with the most effective solution to your skincare needs. Our signature Cryostem™ Cell Facial, based on Nobel PrizeWinning Research and helmed as the only noninvasive alternative to facelifts, is changing the face of the medical esthetics industry as it is the only treatment available that is proven to actually REVERSE aging on a cellular level.

Our Products

By carefully sourcing natural, organic ingredients and applying the basic scientific principles of ionic chemistry, DNA Skin Institute proudly formulates products that work with the skin’s biology to effectively treat and target its specific needs without the use or need for:

petrochemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances, chemical preservatives, binders, thickeners, and other artificial ingredients.

DNA skin Institute

Our clients benefit from the absolute best in cosmetic esthetics and cutting-edge technology with proprietary stem cell therapy and 100% chemical free, organic, active, bio-ionically preserved skin care products.