Fighting the signs of aging is MORE than skin-deep!

Fighting the signs of aging is MORE than skin-deep!

The best facial treatments are those that address and improve the condition of your specific skin. Every person is different, and the condition of your skin changes over time. Sometimes skin can be impurity prone and congested and requires a deep cleansing. Other times skin can be tired and thirsty and needs a supercharged lift.

Fighting the signs of aging is MORE than skin-deep!

Your skin is an incredibly useful indicator in understanding what is internally happening with your body. If your skin is acting up in specific areas, then it is a good indication there is a specific area in your body that needs to be looked at with great care. The integration of a healthy diet and active lifestyle with regular facial treatments is key to achieving optimal skin care results!

Take a look at the “face map” to see where you can improve your body’s health!


NEW Client Intergrative Consultation & Treatment – $300
We will go over everything from your current regimen, diet & health in this 90 min extensive consult. You will then receive a facial with cutting edge technology along with a recommended home care regimen comprised of top of the line, organic bio-medical product options that will get you the best results. (View a complete list of our other facial services) 

There are so many options for skin care these days…from being bombarded by constant advertisements for the next “it thing” or miracle product to the sheer number of spas and skin care facilities available around every corner. So why choose to come see us? What sets us apart from the sea of countless other options available to you?

Read on for further information about what we do and what we have to offer our clients that goes above and beyond your basic skin care experience- (or click here to see real results achieved through using our proprietary stem cell therapy system!)

What can you expect when choosing i.Bar Beauty?

Cutting-edge, Comprehensive Skin Care…in a Private Boutique Setting!

Advanced + Integrative Bio-Medical Skin Care

i.Bar Beauty Boutique, “Westlake’s Premier Lash, Brow & Skin Care Boutique”, has the most cutting-edge treatments and skin care solutions available in Southern California!

• Hard-to-Treat Acne • Scars • Hyperpigmentation/Photodamage
• Stretch Marks • Skin Laxity • Anti-aging

At i.Bar Beauty, we combine timeless esthetic practices with the latest and greatest in bio-medical skincare technology to provide you with the most effective solution to your skincare needs.

Our signature Cryostem™ Cell Facial, based on Nobel Prize-Winning Research and helmed as the only non-invasive alternative to facelifts, is changing the face of the medical esthetics industry as it is the only treatment available that is proven to actually REVERSE aging on a cellular level.

Our clients benefit from the absolute best in cosmetic esthetics and cutting-edge technology with proprietary stem cell therapy and 100% chemical free, organic, active, bio-ionically preserved skin care products.

Our Signature DNA Skin Institute Cryostem™ Cell Therapy Facial
The new gold standard in skin care therapy. For the first time in the history of skin care, there is a complete answer to aging skin. Through the scientific discovery of DNA CryoStem Biological Cellular Therapy, skin care professionals now have available to them the key elements to correct, rebuild, nourish, and preserve skin while influencing future generations of skin. Its adaptability and versatility make it the treatment system of choice for both medical and esthetics professionals. This revolutionary treatment, based on Nobel Prize winning research, was introduced by Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy. It was initially only available at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles and select medical spas throughout Beverly Hills. I.Bar Beauty is ecstatic to offer this ground-breaking therapy system in Westlake Village!

A little glimpse into what inspired Jamie Spragg (owner/founder) to pursue a career in esthetics and a little insight as to why she created i.Bar Beauty

A self-proclaimed “Beauty Junkie”, Jamie started her obsession with skin care at an early age- spending countless hours scouring magazines and beauty forums researching products, ingredients, and the various manufacturing processes practiced throughout the cosmeceutical industry – in a mission to find the truth behind what really works as its claimed to, and what does not. What she found inspired a need within her to help to educate others. Wanting to take the next step in turning her passion into a profession, Jamie decided to acquire her Esthetician’s license in the state of California, but her pursuit of continuing education and quest for expanding her knowledge didn’t end there…

Honing her skills and educating herself on the latest and greatest in methods and brands, Jamie cultivated the career of her dreams- helping to transform, educate, and all-round *beautify* women who deserve to look and feel their very best. Jamie is always in search of the most innovative products and methodologies, which is why she is proud to offer the following specialized services-
Advanced & Integrative Bio-Medical Skin Care
Jamie’s caring and comprehensive approach, expansive knowledge, and arsenal of proprietary bio-medical methodologies make for a one-of-a-kind skin care experience. Jamie’s profound understanding of cutting edge medical technologies, commitment to organic* products, and deeply nourishing touch will leave you positively glowing, wrinkle-free, and transformed. From your very first appointment, you’ll see for yourself what a difference comprehensive treatments using the highest quality of bio-medical products the industry has to offer can truly make. No gimmicks – just real skin care. After a thorough consultation, Jamie will create a one-of-a-kind, custom – designed “beauty cocktail” just for you……a literal “alchemy” of the organic products she chooses from a seemingly endless supply of miracle serums that are 100% natural, organic, chemical and preservative free! Simply the best money can buy!

Eyelash Extensions
Jamie’s unique technique and impeccable attention to detail afford her the ability to deliver unparalleled results in lash application – achieving beautiful results while preserving the health and vitality of each client’s natural lashes.

Natural Brow Design & Restoration – Brow Artists International™
Brow Architecture & Manual Method Semi-Permanent Makeup/Brow Strokes

Contact us! (503) 997-9552

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