Non-Chemical Skin Lightening From The Inside Out

img_4668Non-Chemical Skin Lightening From The Inside Out


A non-chemical way to lighten pigmentation and cleanse blemishes, promoting a flawless and fairer complexion. (Noticeable results can be seen in as little as 3-4 weeks.)

Age spots, scars and other skin irregularities are reduced by the effects of this product. Clinical studies confirm that this formula has a preserving and radiating effect upon the skin.

Derma-CLR not only aids the skin but is also involved in detoxification, antioxidant function, and improves the immune system of the overall body. Derma-CLR ™ is formulated to help the body cleanse oxidative blemishes on the skin and promote a flawless and fairer appearance.

* Produces a healthy glow and nourishes the skin

* Reduces and prevents aging spots and hyperpigmentation

* Delays premature aging and wrinkles

* Prevents and removes pimple and other wound scars

* Derma-CLR is an extremely effective antioxidant which is designed to help maintain the skin’s elasticity and healthy color.
This product contains a pure form of L-glutathione manufactured in the US, and can be added to any skin care regime. Derma- CLR helps to lighten the skin’s hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting darker melanin production and reverse the aging process.

L-glutathione blocks harmful toxins from within the body and helps to remove toxins that normally cause damage to the skin and internal organs.

Derma-CLR™ functions as a supplement for the overall health of the body, but it also has a unique effect for those who desire to have fairer and lighter skin. In certain dosages, Derma-CLR™ will lighten skin with a noticeable difference within 3-4 weeks.

Other important nutrients for the skin include:
* Alphy-lipoic acid: Helps the body to naturally synthesize the body’s own antioxidants.
* Vitamin C: Is a very important nutrient for the skin which allows the body to synthesize L-glutathione more effectively.
* N-Acetyl cysteine: Is a building block of the body’s own natural antioxidant production.
* Leucine: Is an important nutrient for healthy skin cells and helps to diminish fine lines and sagging skin by improving the skins natural elasticity.
* Proline & glycine: Aids the body by helping the skin to look youthful and smoother.
* Binrgaraj leaves (Eclipta alba): Is a natural remedy for blemished skin.
* CoEnzyme Q10: is involved in aiding the body to keep cells inside the body and the skin healthy.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2-4 capsules daily between meals, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care practitioner before taking this product.

Warning: Glutathione as a supplement is not normally recommended if you are taking chemotherapeutic or anti-psychotic drugs. Avoid too much sun and harmful UV rays by wearing sunblock. Avoid drinking or smoking as doing so will deplete the glutathione levels in the body.



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