Cryostem™ Cellular Therapy: The Original Discovery

Healthy aging is the driving force behind the work of daring visionaries — researchers, scientists and physicians — who are challenging disease, aging and death itself with their breakthroughs in bioscience and biotechnology. Their revolutionary discoveries are changing the way we live, regenerate and age.

One such visionary is Noel Santana Aguilar, Ph.D., H.M.D., the pioneer in the innovative technology of Stem Cell Skin Therapy. Dr. Aguilar broke the code for younger-looking skin through the revolutionary DNA CryoStem Skin Therapy System. Dr. Aguilar developed his technology based on a well perfected technique known as Hibernated Biogenesis, the direct utilization of cryogenically preserved (frozen) embryonic serum containing skin stem cells.

Skin cells are like people. They start off fresh and full of energy. As time passes, every cell loses strength and becomes more independent as its surrounding tissue deteriorates and simply runs slower and rougher. The result is progressive aging over the entire body. Just as with humans, cells need other cells for information, support, nourishment and direction. For skin to work the way it does, every cell must work in perfect unison with its surrounding tissue. That is how burns are repaired and cuts are healed.

The Original Discovery
Nobel Prize winner Professor Alexis Carrel and Swiss Doctor Niehans of the Clarens Clinic were pioneers in the research of embryo extracts. Their fundamental discovery indicated that a young cell coming into contact with an old cell leads to the reprogramming of the old cell. This reprogramming is made possible because of a cell’s power to share genetic information via DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The one and only condition necessary to maintain the therapeutic value of the product is keeping the cells fresh and active. This can be accomplished through cryogenics (freezing and preserving the cells at low temperatures).

The Source of New Cells
New, energetically vital cells are extracted from a controlled source of organic bovine (cows). The bovines roam free-range in a pristine region of the French Alps. They receive organic feed and are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. The health and well-being of this special bovine herd is a priority for the DNA Health Institute, and we ensure that these bovine live in a safe and nurturing environment. Embryonic fluid, rich in nutrients and stem cells, is extracted during a carefully calculated specific timeline (within the first trimester of the bovine’s pregnancy) to achieve maximum amounts of stem cells which have not become specific to the bovine genetic composition but contain the DNA information to influence and support human skin.

The extraction process is similar to human amniocentesis, a diagnostic procedure in which a small amount of embryonic fluid is withdrawn from the embryonic sac, the membrane that surrounds the fetus in the uterus. This cruelty-free method does not harm the bovines and protects the health and well-being of the mother bovine and her fetus. The extracted fluid is soon replenished by fresh embryonic fluid, rich in the biological nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy. The mother bovine replaces the fluid in less than eight hours after extraction.
The DNA Health Institute has always been on the forefront of animal and human rights. The complex extraction process is designed not to harm living embryonic animals or human fetuses. The choice to utilize bovine cells instead of human umbilical or human aborted fetus stem cells is quite intentional. Indeed, we feel very proud that we did not take the more convenient path. We made a conscious decision to proceed in the most human way possible.

These new embryonic cells are disease free, programmed and not autonomous, which makes them perfect specimens. If skin were as perfect as these new cells, it would be absolutely flawless. Because the skin will be influenced by the applied new cells, it will eventually take on a flawless appearance.

Tissue Specific Organic Nutrients (T-SON)
This biotechnology is Specific to the organ it is addressing. In the field of esthetics, the specific organ is skin. The CryoStem biologically active serum is selected to specifically target skin to achieve specific results. The serum is processed to retain all the constituents of skin – components
required for skin cell renewal and overall skin rejuvenation. A “like matches like concept” is the reason why this biotechnology is so effective in correcting and re-educating the skin. By being tissue specific, there is a matching of tissue, its energetics and consciousness, and the same biological functions.

In other words, the cryogenic serum is performing the same identical functions and tasks as live human skin. By introducing a product that functions at the same cellular level, a natural communication pathway is already established. Since human skin is already familiar with these communication patterns, it recognizes the information and effectively utilizes the resources provided. The skin is “in tune” with the constituents of the serum and draws from these resources to repair, heal and rejuvenate itself.

The human body is a dynamic, living organism, and it requires substances rich in their vital energies in order to perpetuate life and cellular regeneration. Devitalized serums, creams and lotions containing chemicals, additives and preservatives are more detrimental than endorsing to the skin and the body overall. Even if the product is considered 100% organic, the manner in which it is formulated and preserved can cause key components or all of the formulation to lose vital life-force energy. Furthermore, chemicals and preservatives in skin care products can affect the body systemically. These products are commonly termed “dirty” because of their potential to trans dermally pass into the system, accumulate and store in the body’s organs and tissues, and contribute to chronic illness and degenerative conditions.

From 1899 to present, over 300,000 new man-made chemicals have been introduced to our planet. Some of the most potent chemicals are found in cosmetics and skin care products. Organic, as it is defined in CryoStem skin biotech, is the new standard in skin care.
Biotech serum also contains vital Nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids (EFAs), amino acids, antioxidants, and growth factors, which are naturally in the exact percentages to effectively communicate with the skin for proper cell renewal. In order to maintain the integrity and vitality of the fresh cells and the energy for inter-cellular communications, the serum is complemented by DNA CryoStem skin care products that are pure, natural, chemical-free, and preservative-free. This system results in a complete and balanced nutrition complex to nourish, regenerate and protect the skin.

Cryogenic Preservation
After the final product is created, the biological embryonic cellular serum (containing fresh stem cells) are flash frozen in individual sterile ampoules for shipment. Keeping cells at freezing temperatures permits them to hibernate. This process allows the stem cells to stay active, maintaining the unity of various molecules (enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids). No irritants or addition of chemical preservatives or other additives are necessary. Introducing energy-filled, new embryonic cells to the skin will make existing cells feel younger and with enough of these new cells around, the older cells will begin to act younger, responding to a new atmosphere of energy and information.
The ampoules are kept frozen until used on the patient/client as part of the DNA CryoStem skin rejuvenation series and/or to complement both surgical and/or non-surgical esthetics procedures. The product, at a lower concentration level, is also available in retail size for everyday home use.

The Result
The CryoStem Biological Cellular Therapy rejuvenates the skin leaving it more hydrated, better nourished, less aged, and more radiant. This type of skin care treatment can counteract a wide variety of conditions where skin is imbalanced for any reason (acne, oily, dehydrated, sensitive, pigmented).

From an in-vitro study showing a 71% growth in human skin (within 144 hours/6 days), DNA Health Institute research officials believe that bovine embryonic cells have the ability to influence and share flawless genetic information and cross animal kingdoms to nourish, heal and rejuvenate human skin. Science already knows that animal cultivated organs, such as pig heart valves, have made medical history and miracles while co-existing with the human body once implanted. Why not skin?

Innovative Skin Care Technology
CryoStem Biological Cellular Therapy has set the stage for a new and revolutionary skin repair procedure for medical and esthetics professionals to offer their patients/clients. It is the most effective and all natural treatment available.

It is recommended that the patient/client have a series of CryoStem treatments. Abasic series includes 6-10 treatments over a period of approximately 90 days. The effects of the treatment will continue and peak at 144 hours (6 days). By introducing genetically flawless bovine embryonic cells to human skin, weaker and older cells will begin to replicate into future generations of younger, stronger and more youthful skin. (More about our proprietary stem cell facial>)

The DNA CryoStem Skin Therapy System is the new gold standard in skin care therapy. For the first time in the history of skin care, there is a complete answer to aging skin. Through the scientific discovery of DNA CryoStem Biological Cellular Therapy, skin care professionals now have available to them the key elements to correct, rebuild, nourish, and preserve skin while influencing future generations of skin. Its adaptability and versatility make it the treatment system of choice for both medical and esthetics professionals.

Consumer Safety
The DNA cryogenic products were evaluated and tested for consumer safety and welfare by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) with final review and clearance for marketing and distribution issued in 2000.

An in-vitro study submitted to the FDA proved a 71% increase in cell (skin) growth after application of the DNA CryoStem Biological CellularTM serums. The cell regeneration benefits continued post-treatment and peaked at 144 hours/6 days after application.

The CryoStem Lift StickTM and Lift Stick SprayersTM are the perfect home care products offering the benefits of the DNA CryoStemTM biological cellular serum in a convenient and easy application form. This cryogenically preserved, fresh and active serum is a lower concentration of the serum used in the DNA CryoStemTM professional ampoule treatments. When used daily, The CryoStem Lift StickTM and CryoStem Lift Stick SprayersTM provide the dynamic skin rejuvenating benefits of cell-to-cell activity, helping to deliver the corrective properties that influence future generations of skin. When used in conjunction with the professional CryoStemTM Cell Therapy Treatment, The CryoStem Lift StickTM and CryoStem Lift Stick SpraysTM continue the corrective, firming, clarifying and anti- aging benefits that were initiated with the professional service.

To buy the Home care Cryogenic Lift stick, contact us at ‪(503) 997-9552‬

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