Body Firming- How to get smoother, tighter skin

Body Firming- How To:

Step 1: In the bath or shower, exfoliate body with a loofah glove and DNA cleanser.

Step 2: Combine a cocktail of our Island Infusion Body Nectar with 1/4 teaspoon of MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, 2 pumps of Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, 2 pumps of Supernatural Vitamin A, and one pump of Lift and Firm botanical Gel.

Step 3: Apply to skin.

This combination not only provides your skin with important antioxidants, specialized herbs, and nutrients to give your body’s skin vitality, but you are also firming and tightening it with essential peptides, vitamins and minerals.
In addition, don’t forget to suggest to your clients that for ultimate firming, they should also purchase a DNA CryoStem Therapy to use at home for face and body firming.

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