DNA CRYOSTEM™ Live Cell Facial

By introducing living, genetically flawless, embryonic stem cells to human skin, older and weaker cells begin to replicate into future generations of younger, stronger and more youthful looking skin.

A serum rich in organic vitamins, minerals,  essential fats, enzymes and natural antioxidants.  It consists of 100% natural and preservative free formulations, which starts the rejuvenation process. CryoStem skin cells repair free-radical damage, create a moisture-rich environment,  promote collagen repair, and the production of elastin. Skin  looks younger, because technically it “is” younger. Literally “frozen in time” the application of DNA into skin therapy treatments seems natural, because exsisting skin  cells can be reprogrammed to produce a carbon copy of  themselves. The result is a biological winning edge over aging skin, giving a newer, younger, and flawless  appearance.

Through a remarkable scientific process, frozen skin stem cells, extracted from a powerful organic source, are applied directly to the skin, regenerating the damaged, weaker cells. The communication between the old and the new cells,  reverse the signs of skin problems such as Acne, Aging,  stress and damage by healing from within. The skin starts to  actually heal itself.  The code for younger-flawless looking  skin has been broken by the technology of DNA CRYOSTEM™ Therapy.

Two separate types of cells can be added into any skin  treatment, either Hydrating or Firming formulations. For a  “powerboost” treatment both serums can be combined.  Book your appointment to experience this amazing  treatment.

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