The Big Lift Facial

The Big Lift Facial

The latest trend in facial firming is a combination of manual techniques, equipment based procedures and topicals that, together, achieve immediate & noticeable results. This treatment begins with a double exfoliation;  a mechanical and a fruit acid exfoliation, to prepare the skin for being treated with a combination of 4 of the most advanced facial modalities (followed by DNA’s scientifically proven Cryostem™ Therapy)


Radio Frequency (RF)

LED Light Therapy


+ Bioactive Cell Therapy

We then apply Cryo cell therapy. This enhances the face by lifting and contouring the jawline, drooping eyelids and by sculpting the cheekbones, while relieving puffiness and increasing circulation. This treatment rejuvenates facial muscles by re-educating the muscles, increasing cellular function, skin tone, texture, and circulation.
90 minutes



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