Are your Acne Products making your Acne worse?

In my years of working with clients hands-on, what I know for certain is that for most people, acne products only create more acne.

These products can be extremely drying, and although they will help dry-up and heal the individual breakouts, they will over-dry other areas without blemishes, resulting in dead skin cell buildup. The cell buildup will then act as a barrier to trap oil under the skin causing more clogged pores and breakouts. So your effort to clear up your skin will actually cause you to break out more! Frustrating, huh?

The three most important essentials for controlling clogged pores and breakouts are:

-Exfoliation using gentle facial scrubs and skin peels to remove dead skin cells will reduce clogged pores resulting in less breakout activity. Exfoliants are extremely effective in reducing acne blemishes and fading post-breakout scars.

-Destroy acne-causing bacteria to reduce the chance of blemishes and clogged pores and increase cellular turnover to expedite healing using Vitamin A.

Hydration with water-based (not oil-based) lotions and serums to keep your skin cells healthy and to prevent them from turning into dry skin cell build up.

Cosmetic companies feel this need to dry the skin leaving it tight and irritated—and that usually makes the skin worse…

Using the right combination of results-oriented products will get your skin clearing up in no time.

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