Ingredients to Avoid Especially when Suffering from Autoimmune Disorders

In this section, I will be adding posts that spotlight certain ingredients that I feel everyone should be extra diligent in trying to avoid.

Autoimmune disorders are on the rise and, while the direct causes are still a topic of much debate and research, scientifically proven correlations have been made that confirm that “transdermal toxicity” does, in fact, play a role in contributing to and exacerbating these types of conditions.


If you’ve already read my re-post wherein a “spoonie” sheds light on her own journey of discovering what doctors failed to tell her after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder- that she needed to be as equally concerned about what she put ON her body as what she put IN her body, then you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about wanting to find ways to help spread awareness about this topic. (If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it Here)

For the most part, I will be directly quoting excerpts from one of my favorite resources – A faction of the EWP (Environmental Working Group), this site is dedicated to shedding light upon an industry otherwise shrouded in darkness.

When I first began my journey into unearthing the real truths behind the inner workings of our cosmeceutical industry, this site (formerly known as the Cosmetics Database (and originator of the pact for “Safety in Cosmetics”) was my number one “go to” source for finding anything and everything I wanted to know about a particular product or brand- including a toxicology gauge for rating the ingredients and manufacturing processes utilized for each individual product on a scale from 1 to 10. (They had chemists working around the clock to dissect and report on the ingredients they found in every single product they tested. From Almay to L’Oréal, Dior to Laura Mercia, Olay to Neutrogena (no brands were off limit to their reverse chemistry and analysis) It was a boundless wealth of information, and one that I used regularly.


Unfortunately, not long after it’s online debut, the Cosmetics Database was hit with lawsuit after lawsuit by some of the biggest powerhouse cosmeceutical companies in the industry. They have since been restricted to showing only those products which have been approved of by brands which have agreed to comply.


However, I still suggest that my clients visit this site to help to expand their “ingredient” awareness.

The database still contains useful information on the majority of ingredients you’ll find on the back of your product labels- including their lesser known pseudonyms and/or derivatives.

You can search for certain products by name or brand. Or you can you can look up an individual ingredient in their extensive database to see how it rates on their Toxicity Scale. In addition, you’ll have the option to view a more in depth toxicology report for any particular ingredient you feel the need to look into any further as well.

– Jamie Grieb-Spragg

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Are you currently suffering from a “silent illness”? Can you identify with the term “Spoonie”? The following is a list of common autoimmune diseases (the ones that most drastically affect the skin are highlighted in bold)

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