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Autoimmune Diseases and the many encumbrances they impart upon the lives of those they affect, is an issue that’s very near and dear to my heart. It is my mission to try to help in anyway I can by sharing anything and everything I know on the topic that might help someone on their journey to finding more comfort and better health.

The correlation between Autoimmunity and Transdermal Toxicity is a topic that is very rarely touched amongst the mainstream medical community, thus the unfortunate reason behind why it’s often glossed over during (if not omitted entirely from) the “Doctor-to-patient” consultation wherein they discuss all of the various treatment options available and design a plan for how to go about combating and dealing with the issue at hand.

Yet the correlation is scientifically proven and sound. The effects of Transdermal Toxicity should be made more readily known.

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s completely permeable. While it comes innately equipped with a preset of defense mechanisms to help shield and protect us from certain environmental stressors- it was never built to sustain the onslaught of “foreign” substances and chemicals we now expose it to on a regular basis. Nor does it have the capacity to differentiate between one ingredient vs. the next.


Unlike our digestive system, which is comprised of a far more complex filtration system (which helps our body to identify potentially hazardous substances and move to expel them accordingly), our skin is a relatively unencumbered, unfiltered medium-meaning that anything that manages to get absorbed by it will have a rather uninterrupted path as it travels straight into our bloodstream. These transgressions are so small that they often go unnoticed. But cumulatively, they can have life altering repercussions- especially after years of prolonged and repeat exposure… they can manifest into chronic ailments (allergies and autoimmune diseases) and can also lead to various forms of cancer (abnormal cell growth).

I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Aguilar (whose medical practice centered around his specialization for dealing with those with otherwise undiagnosed conditions (especially those with compromised immune systems from having undergone chemotherapy, etc) led him to look into and, study more closely, the effects of transdermal toxicity)…

I will be posting more articles on this matter soon, but in the meantime, here is an excerpt taken from DNA’s blog in regards to the topic of “Gluten”

DNA Health Institute cannot stress enough the dangers of gluten in both the diet and skincare products. As many of you may know, the founder and CEO of the DNA Health Institute, Dr. Noel Aguilar, specializes in Biological Medicine and the individualization of human chemistry. Through the years of working with numerous patients with a wide array of health issues, Dr. Aguilar has discovered how imperative abstaining from gluten is in obtaining optimal health. Since the controversy surrounding gluten is on the rise, we would like to discuss just how harmful this substance is by exposing how it affects the skin, as well as the body as a whole.


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