Brow Restoration- real people, real results!

So many women get accustomed to seeing their eyebrows in their current, anemic state that they forget just how beautiful their brows can actually be.

Furthermore, many believe that their hair simply won’t grow back in certain areas (whether from years of over plucking/waxing, having them repeatedly misshaped, hormonal fluctuations, or the normal aging process), so they tend to shape their brows (or have them shaped) according to what they “already have“, instead of what they “could have” if they were to allow them the necessary time for them to grow.

***full regrowth can take up to 12-18 months!

How does our Brow Restoration technique differ from traditional methods of waxing and tweezing?

We have received specialized training from esteemed brow specialists and educators from all over the world. We utilize our indepth understanding of hair growth patterns, brow anatomy and architecture along with advanced design techniques in order to restore brows to their fullest potential over time.

This technique elongates the brow and creates a naturally beautiful look that softens the eyes and face, detracting from dark circles and age lines.

The softer and fuller the brows, the more youthful the face appears!

Ready for your own Brow Transformation?

In order to achieve the fullest, most natural shape, we encourage clients to completely refrain from any form of hair removal for at least 2-4 weeks prior their first appointment to allow the natural shape to begin to take place.

The first appointment includes a thorough assessment, consultation, and full initial design. (The duration between maintenance appointments will also be discussed and outlined upon completion of the initial design.)

Call (503) 997-9552 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment!

With patience and self-restraint, you simply will not believe how professionally restored brows can transform your face!!!

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