Is Gluten hiding in your Cosmetics Products!

The labeling of gluten on cosmetic products is not nearly as regulated as it is in food. The Food and Drug Act (FDA) does not require cosmetic companies to declare gluten on their labels. Therefore, it is up to you as the consumer to look carefully at ingredients lists…

While the gluten protein is too large to be absorbed topically through healthy skin- it can easily be absorbed through inhalation, ingestion (when applied too closely to the mucous membranes around the eyes, nose, and mouth), and by entering open wounds (“open wounds” can include even the slightest of micro tears in the skin – which can result from over exfoliating the skin, picking pimples, plucking hairs, shaving, etc.)

So I always suggest that anyone trying to avoid gluten (whether it be due to an allergy, autoimmunity, etc) stay away from topical products containing gluten as well!

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