At the Westlake Skin Spa, we address the aging process with a whole body wellness approach. We have developed treatments and products that are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free. The treatments yield dramatic results without skin tissue trauma, pain or recovery time. The all-natural products enhance the esthetic image while supporting skin and systemic wellness.

Our caring and comprehensive approach, expansive knowledge of cutting edge medical technologies, commitment to organic products, and arsenal of proprietary bio-medical methodologies make for a one-of-a-kind skin care experience. From your very first appointment, you’ll see for yourself what a difference comprehensive treatments using the highest quality of bio-medical products the industry has to offer truly makes.
No gimmicksjust real skin care.

The best facial treatments are those that address and improve the condition of your specific skin. Every person is different, and the condition of your skin changes over time. That’s why our signature facial treatments start with skin analysis and a consultation where we go over everything from your current regimen, diet, and lifestyle. From there, we design a treatment plan that is tailored just for you including which products and supplements we recommend you use at home in order to give you the best results.

DNA Health Institute is committed to the purity of their products. Selecting only those ingredients that are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free. These ingredients must be fresh in order to preserve the energetic life force of the botanicals and other ingredients.

I.Bar Beauty Boutique, home of Westlake Skin Spa, is proud to be a DNA Health Institute Certified & Licensed Salon.

Our estheticians hold additional licenses administered and regulated by the FDA as practitioners of the proprietary Cryostem™ Skin Therapy System. Each has been approved and trained by the DNA Health Institute, Cryogenic Division, as a Certified DNA Practitioner (C.D.P.)

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