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Advanced Integrative Bio-medical Skin Care
Our comprehensive approach, expansive knowledge of bio-medical technologies, and commitment to organic products will leave you positively glowing, wrinkle-free, and transformed. From your very first appointment, you’ll see for yourself what a difference comprehensive treatments using the highest quality of bio-medical products the industry has to offer truly makes. No gimmicks – just real skin care.

NEW Client Intergrative Consultation & Treatment 
Jamie will go over everything from your current regime, diet & health in this 90 min extensive consult. she will give you a High tech facial with cutting edge technology & top of the line bio-medical product options to get you the most results.

Stem Cell Facial –  Summer Special – $165 !!! (Reg. $250)
This cutting-edge facial treatment is one of the most popular…. This proprietary anti-aging treatment uses a cryogenic biological cell therapy serum developed by DNA Health Institute. The one-of-a-kind serum used in this treatment will promote rapid regeneration of your own skin cells while providing all the nutrients necessary for vibrant, healthy skin. As the ultimate in anti-aging offered, this facial treatment will instantly tighten your skin increasing collagen production 71%. (Click here to see our package options)

Custom Organic Facial- $100 & up
A fully customized facial featuring the finest organic, bio-medical products. Includes steam, triple cleanse, custom peel, custom mask, keratin hand treatment, hand & foot massage, and your choice of facial add-on’s recommended according to your skin’s particular needs.

Detox Acne Facial 
Designed for problem skin deep pore cleansing facial plus appropriate (salicylic, glycolic or enzyme) peel, counseling for skin care, nutrition supplements are explained. Special products used to treat excessive oiliness. Extra attention to exfoliation and extraction.

Pregnancy Facial 
Pregnancy can come with its share of skin-related problems, so there’s no shame in wanting a facial to get your skin back into shape while you’re expecting. However, because many facial treatments often use harsh chemicals, it’s important to be wary when choosing a method. You want to be careful of what ingredients you use since your skin can absorb chemicals into the bloodstream. That why we use only chemical free bio-medial products. You can even get a peel the products are so safe!

Ultrasonic Lift Facial
This Ultrasonic Facial is the new generation of microdermabrasion or what is being called soft peeling. The Ultrasonic Facial also dramatically  lifts & shapes the face.  There is no redness or downtime with this treatment.  With up to 28,000 cycles per second, this facial offers amazing retexturizing & lifting results that are safe & gentle.   It’s no wonder celebrities have become insatiable consumers of ultrasonic facials, especially during awards season.

Organic Jessner Peel- $125+
An all organic peel with potent antioxidant protection. This peels combines Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, L-latic Acid, Red Wine, and Lycopene. This peel has less irritation than a typical chemical peel, but with the same amount of effectiveness. This organic blend is safe enough for pregnant women. Results are generally visible after only one treatment. Up to seven layers can be applied starting at $125

The Triple Threat- $300
Reverse signs of aging with this Triple Threat combo. Cryogenic Biological Cell Therapy, LED Phototherapy, and Derma Rolling. These 3 highly effective treatments resurface, stimulate collagen, tone, contour, lighten, brighten and tighten pores.

The Big Lift Facial
The latest trend in facial firming is a combination of manual techniques, equipment based procedures and topicals that, together, achieve immediate & noticeable results. This treatment begins with a double exfoliation;  a mechanical and a fruit acid exfoliation, to prepare the skin for being treated with a combination of 4 of the most advanced facial modalities (followed by DNA’s scientifically proven Cryostem™ Therapy). This enhances the face by lifting and contouring the jawline, drooping eyelids and by sculpting the cheekbones, while relieving puffiness and increasing circulation.  This treatment rejuvenates facial muscles by re-educating the muscles, increasing cellular function, skin tone, texture, and circulation.

TFS (Tighten, Firm & Smooth) Body Treatment
This signature procedure will leave any part of your body looking more youthful & radiant. This proprietary anti-aging treatment uses a cryogenic biological cell therapy serum developed by DNA Health Institute. The one-of-a-kind serum used in this treatment will promote rapid regeneration of your own skin cells while providing all the nutrients necessary for vibrant, healthy skin stimulating collagen production 71%. Add dermal rolling for another 30-40% increase in collagen production.

1 Hour Pamper Package – $200
Mini Facial & Dermal Rolling (Full-body). You won’t want to get off the table after this heavenly relaxing combo! Add Cupping (Inverse-Massage) to alleviate sore muscles, back pain and to ease any further anxiety and/or tension.

Derma Rolling- $45 & up
This skin firming, cellulite diminishing treatment utilizes lymphatic massage movements performed with a Germanium Derma-Roller to reduce swelling, fine lines, and fatty build up while improving facial/body contours and lifting, strengthening, and tightening the muscles and skin.

Cupping – $50 
Cupping is much like the inverse of massage – rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses gentle pressure to pull the skin, tissue and muscles upward. For most patients, this creates a particularly relaxing and relieving sensation and is what makes cupping one of the best deep-tissue therapies available. It helps to dispel stagnation — stagnant blood and lymph, thereby improving circulation. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure).

Ask about our Monthly Facial Program
For our clients loyalty we let you know how much we appreciate your business. Keep a standing appointment and get a Custom Facial for the same discounted monthly price with bonus extras depending on your skin care needs.


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