DNA CRYOSTEM™ Live Cell Facial

Communicating biologically flawless DNA information to the cells. Application of these frozen ampoules deliver all the vital elements of skin--vitamins, enzymes, essential fats, and natural antioxidants. They repair free radical damage and create a moisture rich environment for collagen and elastin production. Firming or hydrating ampoule available. DNA Health Institute is cruelty free, and no animals are harmed for this amazing ampoule.

Cryostem™ Cellular Therapy: The Original Discovery

Healthy aging is the driving force behind the work of daring visionaries -- researchers, scientists and physicians -- who are challenging disease, aging and death itself with their breakthroughs in bioscience and biotechnology. Their revolutionary discoveries are changing the way we live, regenerate and age. One such visionary is Noel Santana Aguilar, Ph.D., H.M.D., the … Continue reading Cryostem™ Cellular Therapy: The Original Discovery